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Looking for something healthy and protein balanced meal but not sure what to cook?

High protein meals help you to stay healthy and maintain your fitness and strength as protein is required to repair the muscle tissues. Protein also keeps you full for longer, which helps to eat less and get leaner.

Here we have listed all of our high protein recipes to help you make those tasty protein rich meals on your own.

Our recipes are easy to follow with step by step instructions, pictures, and videos.

Oats bake

Sweet Apple and Oats Bake

Enjoy the sweet and fruity flavour with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. An easy bake to satisfy your hunger.

Cheese Avocado Pancakes

Make these tasty pancakes with just three ingredients. Soft, easy to make, and high in protein.

Yogurt and Oat Protein Bars

Make your mood for a good workout with these inspiring yogurt flavoured oat protein bars. Just a few ingredients.

Tofu and Semolina Patties

Enjoy these vegan friendly soft and tasty tofu and semolina patties. Best to have them for breakfast or use them to make a sandwich for lunch.

Ground Chicken Biryani

Try this new way of making chicken biryani. Very tasty and easy to make as you don’t have to cut the chicken.

Simple Quinoa Salad

Make this protein rich and low calorie vegan friendly salad. Easy to make using the common ingredients that you might have.

Tofu pancakes

Chickpea Tofu Pancakes

Let soy protein and chickpea protein together in this recipe make these pancakes even healthier. They look nice and taste great.

Almond banana cookies

Almond and Banana Cookies

Make these tasty and cute looking cookies for a snack. Lower in carbs and amazing buttery flavour.

Super Easy Cheese Omelette

Try making my all time favourite egg recipe. The right amount of cheese makes it delicious while keeping the calories in check.

peanut oat bars

Peanut Butter Oat Bars

Make this recipe if you need to feed the masses. Perfect snack for a get-together with your friends.

Almond cookies

Almond & Carrot Protein Cookies

These gorgeous looking cookies are also equally tasty. It’s an unique combination of carrots, raisins, and almond flour.

Garlic chicken bites

Garlic Chicken Bites

Quick and easy way to have a quality protein when you are short in time. Even kids love its buttery flavour.

Mongolian lamb

Tasty Mongolian Lamb

Make this Mongolian to get that restaurant type of feeling at the comfort of your own home. Very lean and healthy.

Lamb choila

Juicy & Spicy Lamb Choila

A traditional Nepalese dish that is full of flavour for a family filled weekend. Juicy and spicy.

Easy Ground Beef Pasta

Make this quick and easy ground beef pasta if you don’t have much time to prepare and need to get a good amount of protein.

Honey sesame chicken

Honey Sesame Chicken

Make this oven baked healthy honey sesame chicken. Enjoy the sweet and crispy taste.

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