About us

Thank you for visiting Proteinpage. We are a fitness concerned couple who became overweight in the past. Then we managed to lose weight, maintain our fitness, and even gain strength by doing some simple at-home exercise, walking more, and switching our diet to be more protein focused. 

After customizing our every meal to include the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat for a few years now, we figured it can be helpful to others if we simply document the process and share our learnings.

We built this website to share high protein food recipes, information, and fitness tips. We are based in Sydney, Australia. 

Protein is the most important ingredient to make a healthy meal. Eating healthy is essential to stay fit, become stronger, and look younger. 

Our recipes are-

  • Easy to make, very tasty, and rich in protein. 
  • Low in unhealthy saturated fat.
  • Favorable on healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil etc. 
  • Low in calories. 
  • Not deep fry.

Meet our team-



Hi, I’m Usha. Baking is my favorite thing to do. I used to bake a lot of cakes but I stopped doing that after I started watching my calories intake to prioritize my fitness. Now I’m back at it but to bake healthy protein loaded snacks, and cook easy and tasty high protein meals.

I write my recipes in as much detail as I can to make the process easy to follow for you.

Apart from baking and cooking, I love hiking with my family. Walking long way makes me refreshed and gives me the energy. I often go visiting new places, try their good food, and drink black coffee.



Hi, I’m Prakash. I’m a software engineer by profession. I have worked in a few startup companies and helped them to build their infrastructure and grow bigger. I built this website to help eat healthy and balanced meals. 

I love cooking since I was a kid. I used to help my parents by preparing food while they were out at work. My passion for cooking was one of the reasons why I gained a lot of weight on my 20s. I didn’t know what calories were or how to cook healthy.

I went through a body transformation journey a few years ago. During this period, I managed to lose 15kg (33 pounds). I learned about calories, nutrition, and cooking healthy along the way.

By eating healthy meals with high protein and doing some strength training exercise at home, I built some muscle and gained a lot of strength.


Usher is our official (and also occasional 😜) food taster. He loves good food and also chocolate. He enjoys playing sports and video games.

Usher sometimes helps us filming the recipes (after begging just a few times 🙏).


The information we share on this website is for general purpose only. We are not a qualified fitness coach or nutritional specialist. Please consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet. 

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